Why tell (meaningful) stories?

If you’ve gone to our website or you’ve read some of our posts you may have seen the phrase that we tell MEANINGFUL STORIES.

Well what does that mean? What makes a story meaningful?

Is that all we create?

First off, we’re a video production company which is primarily focused on creating brand videos that market a service, product, mission, etc. Keep the business and market engine running, ya know. We’ve been doing it for a long time, and about 5 years back we began to shift our mindset a bit. We enjoyed making videos and commercials, but we were burning out a bit, and not really finding our stride or focusing on a specific style.

After a while it’s hard not to ask the question “why?” Not just “why are we here as human beings floating on an orb in the boundless void of existence” but “why are we making this video?” And even more “why should someone care?” We began focusing our energy on asking why more often, and realizing that there is a motivation behind action no matter who the person is or what messaging they have.

There’s a story behind every brand, and every employee.

This isn’t really an earth shattering concept, especially these days in the current market. TELL YOUR STORY is a phrase we hear a lot. But how do you know what to focus on, and for how long? What parts really matter? How should this story be told? And most importantly – what is truly unique and meaningful for the person listening or watching?

You see, at heart we’re filmmakers and artists. We can’t just slap together sexy looking visuals to snappy music forever and die happy. It’s not because that stuff isn’t fun and cool or effective sometimes – it just lacks depth. And this is proven. People spend more time ingesting stories through podcasts, movies, books, etc. than watching ads, and why wouldn’t they? Emotional responses cause a release of dopamine & oxytocin in the brain. This means an effective story can actually get you “high” (ex: binge-watching) It’s really all about what creates an emotional response from a viewer.

An effective story can actually cause someone to change how they live their life.

So, telling meaningful stories isn’t just more fulfilling for us as creators, but it actually is more interesting to an audience and more effective for a brand’s messaging and creating an actual connection. Now there’s tons of brands and creators and even AI and algorithms out there doing their best to demand your attention, manipulate your emotions, and “inspire” you towards some action.

We know the importance of being truthful and integral these days more than ever.

This is partially why our 3 core values are USE CREATIVITY FOR GOOD, BE KIND AND COURAGEOUS, and ALWAYS BE IMPROVING.

Okay, great – we slapped that on our website and listed it in a brochure. But this is honestly how we each aim to live our lives inside and outside of work. It’s also built into our process by helping you dive into what is already there, rather than what is trending, or what “experts” tell you will work.

– We find what is already meaningful to YOU
– What are the key moments of your story
– What are creative ways we can highlight those moments
– WHY your product, service, organization or story is important!
– This is the stuff that doesn’t go out of style

The purpose behind what you’re doing is where the story is. That’s who you really are, and we believe that is what creates genuine connections.


If you’re looking to get started on a project, Votary has a passion for telling compelling stories through the art of filmmaking. We specialize in producing brand stories, creative commercials, and documentary series. If that sounds to you like we might be a fit, then let’s talk. Start a Conversation.


Mike Palumbo
Mike Palumbo

Mike is a film director, producer, and musician. He's been a part of Votary Films the longest besides our founder, Jed. His mind is always running and creating and flowing with ideas. His strengths are finding the truth behind a message and a person's story as a writer and director, understanding Votary's market and voice, as well as envisioning finished edits in detail while in the brainstorm phase. Votary's Development process has been informed by his interview style and drive to understand storytelling framework deeper while leaving room for genuine personality, especially in documentary filmmaking. His drive comes from wanting to know people's truest self and being able to explore pure creative expression.