This is Votary’s proven method used to EDUCATE, ENGAGE, and / or ENTERTAIN your audience on an ongoing basis with the stories that you have within your organization. We find your goals with you, then create a monthly strategy and partnership to help you get there. If you want to cut through the noise, build trust with your followers, grow holistically and communicate your unique position in the world – there’s no better way to do it than this. 

In terms of production, we have a core internal team here at Votary and reach into our vetted Votary Collective when the right project calls to do so. The collective is a network of creatives who can shoot, edit, animate, direct, and make music. We’ve chosen to spotlight a number of featured directors below and, should you be interested in working with any them, be sure to mention them by name when you reach out to us.
The Votary Collective is a network of creatives who can shoot, edit, animate, direct, make music, drink beer, and play ping-pong. We’re consistently collaborating with members of this vetted collective when the right project matches the right artist. If you want to join, simply fill out our registration form by clicking the button below and we’ll reach out to set up a face-to-face hangout!
Like any successful partnership, it all starts with good communication. Ultimately, we want to get to know you, where you came from, what drives you, and what your goals are.
Much like our interview process when filming on camera, we want to have an open conversation with you. This will give us both a sense of what partnering on projects together could look like. We’ll suggest a path forward after getting to know you and only after getting to know you.