Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence
ATASK is a nonprofit, community organization serving pan-Asian survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence. They provide services in Greater Boston and Greater Lowell, while offering limited assistance in other cities throughout Massachusetts and New England. They currently provide services in 18 Asian languages and dialects. ATASK’s mission is to prevent domestic and intimate partner violence in Asian families and communities and to provide hope to survivors. ATASK is committed to serving survivors of domestic violence representing all ages, ability levels, education levels, race, national origin, cultures, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations.
Director/Producer: Mike Palumbo
Cinematography: Mark Kammel
Editors: Mark Kammel, Mike Palumbo
When we first connected with ATASK, they knew the importance of telling their stories. They hadn’t updated their online presence and the videos in a long time but knew that it was important. The problems they face sometimes mean that people in need may not receive they help that’s available to them. We needed to make the public aware of ATASK’s services and communicate their ability to speak multiple languages and understand these different cultures.
Our goal was to capture their stories in the most natural and authentic way possible. ATASK’s mission of helping individuals suffering from domestic abuse in the Asian population is so powerful and we’re proud to partner with them. It aligns with our mission of telling meaningful stories that drive positive change, and the people who work there are so genuine that it made the process very smooth and extremely fulfilling.
The result has been that they have heartfelt stories that emotionally resonate with their audience, covering the perspectives of both survivors and their internal team in order to connect with partners and individuals needing support.