S+H Construction
S+H Construction is a 40-year-old multiple award-winning construction company. They have both a unique story to tell, as well as very pleasant and genuine owners and operators within the brand. It was a pleasure working with both them and our partners at JD Communications to make this short film possible.
S+H started with humble beginnings and had significant growth in over 40 years in the construction industry. Their founders, Doug Hanna and Alex Slive, were handing off the President responsibilities and ownership to Sarah Lawson. Their goal was to tell the origin story of the brand and highlight this milestone in the company’s history while also shining a light on the values that the founders instilled.
Our approach was to get to know who each main character of the story is, and allow them to each be themselves on camera. Because of production scope limitations, a lot of this pre-production happened very quickly and even on site as we filmed.
We knew the story ahead of time and a list of shots that would elevate the story. We were able to capture conversational narrative to tell their story while also only having 2 days of shooting. We captured 100% candid b-roll and allowed a lot of creative control in the edit. The result ended up helping S+H continue their strong reputation, and the short film won Best Video in the 2018 PRISM Awards.