Harpoon Brewery 5-Miler
Harpoon is known for being a killer local brewery, but they are also active in supporting and partnering with charitable organizations like The Angel Fund. We loved shooting this promotional film for Harpoon Brewery’s 5-Miler event which has been helping fund the fight against ALS for years.
They needed to raise awareness of not only the 5-Miler event and future events, but of ALS itself and why it’s important to attend and give. Harpoon is known as a quality brewery, but is also a brand that cares enough to put on events like this to raise money for a great cause.
This is a perfect example of a meaningful story that is so much deeper than showcasing how great the product is. The connection with each other is already there, so we just had to make sure to showcase that in a genuine way. We had one day to capture the proper B-roll, so we strapped up the rigs and got running.
They provided a generous stack of free beer for us in our office, which was jaw-dropping. The event and video has been a success, and we really cherish our partnership with them.