Goswick Eye
Emily & Chris Goswick approached us about creating their film content and we were immediately excited to partner with them. They not only have a very unique story to tell, but are very creative and wonderful people all around. Rather than accompanying their narrative with the usual office B-roll and team candids, we also wanted to include shots that enhanced their story and the genuine philosophy they have about why they work in this field. For example, the macro shots of each of their team’s eyes was an immediately exciting idea that we had to include — and getting strange with the lighting was a blast. We’re looking forward to more creative projects with the team at Goswick Eye and truly loved creating this film for them.
Director/Producer: Mike Palumbo
Cinematography: Jono Wibberly
Editor: Jono Wibberly
Emily & Chris were expanding by opening more Goswick Eye locations and needed to promote themselves. They wanted to position themselves as family oriented, as they have a small play area in each location and have children themselves, as well as professionals who have a deep passion for the human eye. All of this was self-evident and it was our job to capture that in a genuine way, but also hold the attention of the viewer.
In getting to know each of them a good amount before filming anything, we learned of Chris’s origin story and how much his mother inspired him while growing up. His story is truly unique and we thought that this would be one of the main points to focus on in their film, as well as Emily and Chris’s relationship. We were inspired by how much the human eye means to Chris and decided to go into experimental territory with the B-roll of their film because of this.
This film is currently the first thing that people see when visiting Goswick Eye’s website. All of their new locations have been successful and they’ve grown their social following significantly since the launch. Goswick Eye is now one of the highest reviewed optometry offices in central Massachusetts.